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Luxury Silk Ties & Beautiful Ties

Luxury Tie Store sell rich opulent ties in 100% silk. Our expensive ties are 40% LESS online than the mens tie shops on the high street, so please buy the best silk ties for men here.

Our vivid and colourful ties are priced in $US Dollars for WORLDWIDE DELIVERY INCLUDED for FREE when buying our luxury ties.

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We send our mens ties in UK USA Canada Australia New Zealand Hong Kong South Africa and all around Europe. Almost every week you can see new luxurious ties.

All of our high end ties are normally worn by affluent & successful gentlemen and executives who enjoy being noticed for the colourful silk ties they are wearing. We are always developing ideas to make the best ties in the world.

Please see our Luxury Tie Store REVIEWS on Facebook or contact us with any questions or worries about ordering online. And also if you want more information about our upscale ties by a top English fashion designer who creates our luxury designer ties.

We are one of the best necktie shops in UK USA offering some of the very best silk ties for gentlemen. We make high quailty ties with powerful colours and very detailed design. We believe our exclusive ties are among the best online.

We keep our ideas fresh and limiting the amount of high quality ties per design. This in turn retains the exclusivity of our finest ties that become more valuable over time. We have a very LARGE amount of returning customers like high flying Lawyers, Accountants, Business Executives, who come back and often buy a lot more of our luxury neckties.

Expensive Ties For Weddings & Businessmen

Luxury Tie Store have sold many of our finest silk ties for weddings around the world for people who only want to wear the very highest quality designer clothing. So on upcoming weddings please choose us. We offer the perfect silk neckties, bow ties and pocket squares for your special day. Among our over 500 of the best necktie designs you will most likely find what you need to match the wedding theme. or special look for the groom.

So if you are looking for plaids, solids or paisley and patterns then look no further. Our most desirable neckties for your wedding day are in our online now. We combine the best quality finish with one of the biggest collections of luxury silk neckties for weddings.

Luxury Tie Store sell many of our high priced ties through recommendations. We use the finest fabrics and patterns in our expensive ties which are designed in London. We go to great lengths to retain the classic english tie with an infusion of rich colours thats why we offer a great collection of luxury ties online.

All of our mens neckties are intricately handcrafted from woven material and never printed. The small touch adds a level of sophistication when worn by the most stylish men. You will not only notice the tinest details but the knowledge that you can't find in similar is also very pleasing offering our gorgeous ties.

We aim to emulate other luxury tie brands, Marinella Armani Brione Zegna Pink Boss neckties. They offer the best silk ties and handkerchiefs for men which are well made but expensive. We also compete very well with many english tie brands like Pink Drake Duchamp Charles Terwitt luxury ties.
















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