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Mens Silk Tie Shop send our mens ties in South Africa Hong Kong Australia Singapore Canada New Zealand and all around Europe in fact we now sell our luxury ties to well over 100 countries.

Mens Silk Tie Shop offer our beautiful designer ties directly under the recently available Luxury Tie Store domain name. In the the coming months we will be changing our BRAND NAME to this simpler format for clients to remember. If you would like more information about our luxury ties by George Neale please click here.


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Best Ties Online

Mens Silk Tie Shop works hard for GOOD REVIEWS and REPEAT CUSTOMERS by making the best silk ties that people will remember. Our amazing ties are at least 40% LESS than the other tie shops online.

Mens Silk Tie Shop price our mens silk ties in US dollars as we have sales all over the world and most people understand the US Dollar. Paypal is used as it will take almost every currency in the world and insures our postal delivery to you as well as protecting us from credit card fraud.

Please take the time to follow Mens Silk Tie Shop on Google+ where we launch our new luxurious ties almost every week now. We like many other english tie brands who present very nice collections. Our high end ties are normally worn by affluent & successful gentlemen and executives who enjoy being noticed for the colourful luxury ties they are wearing.

Ties For Gentlemen

Mens Silk Tie Shop mostly sell our high priced ties through recommendations, as well as keeping our ideas fresh and limiting the amount of high quality ties per design available for sale worldwide. This in turn retains the exclusivity and makes your purchase of our fantastic mens ties that more valuable over time.

Mens Silk Tie Shop make mens ties in blue red purple green yellow orange mixed together with powerful colours and very detailed design. We believe our exclusive executive ties are among the best neckties online. And to confirm our belief we have a very LARGE amount of returning customers like high flying Lawyers, Accountants, business executives, who come back and often buy a lot more of our finest silk ties.

Ties For Weddings

Mens Silk Tie Shop use the finest fabrics and patterns for our expensive ties which are designed in London as we want to retain the classic english tie with an infusion of rich colours.

Mens Silk Tie Shop compete well with other luxury tie brands though out the world and work hard to create the most exclusive ties to wear with expensive designer suits and well cut shirts.

Mens Silk Tie Shop sometimes create one off luxury ties for weddings. We are one of the best necktie shops online offering some of the best silk ties for gentlemen which are then used for some of the most high class weddings around the world.

Mens Silk Tie Shop offer beautiful designer ties that are probably far better quality than most other luxury silk ties for £70, £100, £150, £200, £300 in the high end department stores in London UK. We aim to emulate other expensive tie brands like Marinela silk ties. They offer the finest silk ties and handkerchiefs for men which are really well made but are very expensive. Mens Silk Tie Shop are always developing ideas to make the best ties in the world.


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