polka dot tie neckties ties in black and gold


polka dot tie in black and gold


Luxury Tie ( $69.00 US about £49 GB ) Worldwide Delivery Included




Black and Gold Ties

We develops silk ties in London as we want to retain a classic british style and infuse it with strong powerful colours.

This black and gold polka dot tie arrives quite fast due to the superior postal hubs in New York and London. Even Australia is a quite reasonable time frame. Our black and gold polka dot ties are really good value when bought direct online for at least a 40% saving on the main street price as well as the high level of workmanship ensure a great buy.


 cravates pour hommes


Neckties in Black and Gold

We have sold many of these beautiful polka dot ties for weddings and to lawyers in fact to a lot of high flying customers. Our necktie collection is similar to duchamp only a lot more powerful.

This black and gold dotted tie is lightweight satin material with large dots woven and is a great design for people who always feel hot and bothered in a necktie. Our beautiful tie collection is priced in USA dollars as we have so many different customers from around the world who by our upmarket designer tie brand.



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