vivid bold strong powerful power tie neckties ties for executives and businessmen


vivid floral tie


Luxury Tie ( $69.00 US about £49 GB ) Worldwide Delivery Included


Vivid Power Ties

In order to achieve a "GREAT " reaction we all hope for and desire, we think this powerful tie should be paired with a black suit and white shirt.

This silk tie with vivid floral pattern exhibits a strong masculine and modern aesthetic that is quintessential for adding style to an ensemble. Add a powerful twist to your menswear collection with this bold power tie.


 vivid bold strong powerful floral tie neckties ties


Powerful Ties for Executives

Our expertly made powerful ties can be hard to beat and is handmade from 100% premium silk. We are becoming one of the best tie shops in the world for men who just know quality and we offer them the most powerful ties.

The colour combination on this vivid necktie is sure to catch people's attention and will always endear you as being the person of great taste. Please view our entire collection of over 480 beautiful designs and this is a perfect example of our creative work a vivid and powerful neckties.


 silk ties vivid bold strong powerful


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