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Luxury Tie ( $69.00 US about £49 GB ) Worldwide Delivery Included


Luxurious Neckties

Take inspiration and pair this high end tie with a tailored midnight blue suit for a stunning outfit with our luxurious tie in multicolours. Blend modern day colours with a classic pattern by simply accessorizing your suits and blazers with one of our designs. Our beautiful check ties look sharp and sleek in person and are certain to grab people's attention.


best finest luxury multicolour tie


Multicolour Ties in 100% Silk

The vibrant design woven into a combination of multicolours which can give your outfit a fresh breath of fashion. This simple pattern is simply stunning made with pure check to create a unique pattern to rival other luxurious tie brands.

You will notice that we have carefully created this pattern using repp weave for a defined finish in our expensive ties. The subtle colours pair well with grey or navy shirts and making a welcome addition to your wardrobe with our luxurious tie in multicolours.


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