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Luxury Tie ( $69.00 US about £49 GB ) Worldwide Delivery Included


Good Quality Neckties

Our necktie displays a stunning array of mauve colours upon a check background and this elegant design will set your style apart from your colleagues. Expertly created with pure silk, the soft mauve colours and detailed pattern will make for a charming appearance and for price and quality we only sell good quality ties.


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Ties For Executives & Gentlemen

Designed and sold exclusively on our online shop, this good quality tie in mauve is simply luxurious. This design is so stunning it will greatly influence your desire for beautiful check ties once you see it.

The pattern is very simple yet the mauve colour is so subtle that you could stare at it for hours and not lose interest. Alongside that, the mauve colour adds to the class and smoothness of this design making it even more appealing so please buy our good quality ties.


 Neckties For Executives & Gentlemen


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